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14 Mar 2017

Evening meeting with Jean-Louis Étienne

We give you an appointment on Friday, March 24, for an evening meeting with Jean-Louis Etienne "Inventing his Life".

In an intimate primer, Jean-Louis Étienne, famous for his expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic, delivers, as he has never done, with sincerity, depth and humor.
The book :
Jean-Louis Étienne is a physician, field practitioner, lecturer, writer, passenger between the different fields of scientific investigation. He is a unique explorer, an untiring enlightener of consciousness with the ecological challenge posed to humanity by global warming.
In this ABC book, from the "words of his life", Jean-Louis Etienne tells himself like he never did. Childhood, shyness and dyslexia, the irresistible call of life outside, the people who inspire it, but also cars, memories, birds, children, emotions, friendship, Love - and many unexpected stories. In various forms, he reveals to us the main lines of force of his existence, of exceptional perseverance and humanity. This ecological watchman elaborates here a wisdom en route, that of the traveler who advances in a country where there are no paths traced. He looks for the way, he finds a passage, on his way to his "inner pole." With great modesty and simplicity, Jean-Louis Étienne reminds us of our capacity for freedom and action. A wisdom acquired for oneself but exercised loyally on this earth and towards men.
The author:
A physician specializing in nutrition and sports biology, Jean-Louis Étienne has participated in numerous expeditions to the Himalayas, Greenland, Patagonia and to the world sailing race with Eric Tabarly. In 1986, he was the first man to reach the North Pole alone. He is the author of five films and fifteen books.

Dedication after the evening.

During this exceptional evening, we propose to meet: "Aventures australes" photos, images and stories of 5 young explorers Valentin NIVET-MAZEROLLES, Elie GAGET, Florian ORGERET, Romain BAZIRE, Pierre BLEVIN returning from Antarctica.