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the Regulation


1.    The Festival is open to all Directors, professional or not, animal films in all categories: reportage, documentary, fiction and animation products later last year.

2.    The Festival will take place at the Jeu Albert Game Theatre from Saturday March 14 to 22, 2020.

3.    Film selection

3.1. Length Movies: Limited to 13 "in amateur category

3.2. New amateur category for movies 2 minutes max

3.3. Length Movies: Limited to 52 "in professional category

3.4. The following should be sent before 15th november in Jean Noiret, Jeu de Paume Theatre, Emile Leturcq, 80300 ALBERT, France, E.mail:

3.4.1.  2 DVD copies of excellent quality free from embedding "parasite" as time code, logo ... or USB key, or Transfer We (category Amateurs)

3.4.2.  The registration form filled

3.4.3.  The detailed timed script and the film

3.4.4.  2 photos representative of the film

3.4.5.  Incomplete or non-compliant DVD applications will not be accepted

3.4.6.  Entry fee: The DVD will remain the property of the Festival video library

3.4.7  Registrations must be made before November 15th


3.5. Use Rights

3.5.1.  The candidate guarantees to the direction of the Festival have all necessary rights (copyrights, image rights and all other intellectual property rights), to persons qualified to the projection of these movies in full or extracted during the Festival or in connection with the promotion of it.

3.5.2.  The candidate authorizes the organizers to make the translation of dialogues or commentaries movies, for their French language in projection during the Festival and guarantees against any recourse in this regard.

3.5.3.  Candidates authorize the organizers to reproduce in the catalog of the Festival text, photographs, biographies and filmographies provided, to use all or part of the film as part of the promotion of the Festival.


3.6. The films have already participated in previous rounds will not be taken into account

3.7. A jury will select the films selected for the final competition. Its decisions are final.

3.8. All Directors will be informed of the current December results of the selection.


4.    Final competition

4.1. All finalist films will be presented in final competition at an international professional jury. The films will be screened in French during public and school sessions.

4.2. The winners will be announced on Saturday, with awarding the following prizes:

4.2.1.  Grand Prix

4.2.2.  Special Price 13 Minutes Amateur maxi

4.2.3.  New category for films Amateurs 2 minutes max

4.2.4.  Film Award which brings more to the knowledge and the discovery of the animal world

4.2.5.  Price that brings more to the relationship between man and animal

4.2.6.  Special Jury

4.2.7.  Price of the Species Protection Film

4.2.8.  Festival trophy will be awarded to the winners of the following awards: the Grand Prix, the Special Jury Prize and the Special Prize Amateur. The Jury may decide not to award a prize

4.3. Special mentions will also be awarded:

4.3.1.  Best Screenplay

4.3.2.  Best Editing

4.3.3.  Best picture

4.3.4.  Best soundtrack


4.4. A diploma will be presented to all finalists Directors

4.5. Transport, customs and insurance

4.5.1.  For all films sent to the festival, transport and insurance costs of the copies to go and the freight costs of intervention both imports and re-exports are the responsibility of producers and distributors.

4.5.2.  Candidates waive any recourse in case of damage or loss during shipment or redirection.


4.6. Home of selected directors

4.7. The accommodation and food are offered to the director (and spouse, double occupancy) or representative (in single)

4.8. Accommodation: Saturday (21 March 2020)

4.9. Restoration: Saturday noon and evening and Sunday (21 and 22 March 2020)

4.10.            under imperative to confirmation (see entry form if finalist)

4.11.            In case of unavailability of the finalists, only one representative will be accepted


Any registration implies the unconditional acceptance of this Regulation.


Festival International du Film Animalier d'Albert

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