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Pascal Bourguignon,
Professional photographer based in Outines (51), a stone's throw from Lac-du-Der, ambassador of the company Fujifilm France, I use the GFX50 medium format for taking landscape and aerial photographs in high digital resolution. Haute-Marne Ambassador for Breathe / Inspire Communication; Woodyman Project Ambassador for the use of the 8-10 ultra large format film camera; correspondent for the Marne of the association "A.R.B.R.E.S.", which awards official labels of remarkable trees in France; Paramotor pilot


Régis CAVIGNAUX presents the exhibition: Fauna of China


For most of us, China is often synonymous with overcrowded cities or industries, but there are still large natural areas where a variety of wildlife flourishes.

This exhibition was born after stays in China organized by Objectif Nature and guided by me to observe and photograph the local fauna. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the Chinese biodiversity of the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, in particular the extraordinary wealth of the avifauna of these regions: pheasants, hornbills and other wonders.

We thought it would be interesting to introduce the public to this little-known fauna. The rhinopithecus are primates living in mountainous areas; their morphology and way of life are adapted to the harsh climate and life at altitude. With their extraordinary facies, these monkeys are a boon for the photographer and occupy a special place in this exhibition.

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Festival de MONTIER EN DER

Much more than a photo festival!
With 44,000 visitors in 4 days and more than 100 original exhibitions of high quality, Montier is a unique event in Europe for nature photography! It is also a meeting place for photographers, naturalists, associations and professionals.
With 40 hours of conferences, 1 “round table” space, 100 forums on naturalist knowledge and photo technique, the festival promotes debates and exchanges, for all audiences, on major environmental issues.
A Brand Village, a 1,000 m² pole, is reserved for sales, loans and demonstrations of photo equipment and optical equipment specific to nature photography, this is an opportunity to discover the latest news!
Environment and Sustainable Development Education also plays an important role in Montier, with more than 4,000 schoolchildren present during the 4 days of the event.
The 24th edition will take place on November 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2020!

Sabrina et Jean-Michel KRIEF

"Chimpanzés, Les Seigneurs de la Jungle"

For more than 15 years, I have been picturing the behavior of chimpanzees and the research we are conducting.

In 1997, we followed the first steps of orphan chimpanzees finding the forest in the Republic of Congo.

Since 1999, we have been working in Kibale National Park in Uganda to better understand the behavior of wild Kanyawara chimpanzees.

In parallel, we have designed, through the association Projet pour la Conservation des Grands Apes, various environmental awareness and education projects.

The great apes are threatened with extinction in the very near future.
Gorillas, bonobos, chimpanzees and orangutans are the victims of poaching, the fragmentation of their habitat, diseases ...
Tropical forests are their only habitat. They are disappearing at an alarming rate.
You can act by supporting our action!

Sabrina Krief has been attracted by animal behavior and wildlife since her childhood.

She trained at the Maisons-Alfort veterinary school and completed her veterinary thesis in the Congo, where she observed the physical and nutritional behavior of chimpanzees.

She is redirecting her thesis towards the study of wild chimpanzees. After a "post-doc" in the pharmacognosy laboratory of the University of Reims, Sabrina Krief landed in 2004, a post of lecturer within the teams of Eco-anthropology and Ethnobiology of the National Museum of Natural History .

She continues her research on primates in Uganda and remains very active in the defense of great apes with the population and governments with her husband Jean-Michel Krief, photographer.

Jean-François LAGROT

Jean François LAGROT, guest of honor and president of the jury 2020, presents us
"The Walrus of Bering"
On the edge of the world, not far from the Bering Strait, the migrating walruses come every year to make a stop in a lost bay of the Chukchi Sea. For a few weeks, in the fall, the largest gathering in the world takes place… Jean-François Lagrot photographed this stage of the walrus migration, during which more than 100,000 walruses come to regain strength, at the foot of the cliffs from Cape Serdtse Kamen, in the Russian province of Chukotka, before crossing the Bering Strait.

Gauthier POIRET

Favorite for a young photographer

At the age of 12, Gauthier Poiret is (already) a wildlife photographer. He fell in on his birth, with a father, wildlife photographer and a mother, professor of canine and feline biology. This young schoolboy is entered in the competition for the most beautiful animal photo of the year in the world: the "wildlife photographer of the year" .and in the competition "young photographers of Montier en Der" the exhibition he presents speaks to us protection of birds


Maurice BELVOIS presents "the bird from iron and fire"

Maurice Belvoix, passionate about the forge profession and ornithology, felt the need to create metal birds. Iron is heated, forged, welded by human hand. The birds, placed on different supports, are presented in life scenes specific to their species


A textile designer by training, graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Emilie Bredel has devoted herself since 2012 to her primary passion, drawing. His encounter with the wire gave birth to a collection of sculptures with lines imbued with sweetness and poetry inspired by the animal and plant world. This airy and refined bestiary offers play of shadows that evolve according to the light sources. Each piece is handmade in his workshop in Rouen, in Normandy.

"Wire is a raw material which I handle with affection to try to transcend it and bring it a form of purity.
After a first step of pencil work during which I study my subjects of inspiration from every angle, I choose the essential features then draw them in wire in space, translating the volumes into lines.

Lines, patiently purified as if to erase the hand of man and pay homage, humbly, to the beauties of nature.
I look for softness in my metal lines; a state of innocence close to the universe of childhood.
When I finish an animal portrait, I have the feeling that it becomes autonomous, that it has its own life. This emotion is reinforced when the shadows come to life with light. "

Astrid de Geuser

Astrid de Geuser is a visual artist, sculptor, painter, and contemplative of the Living. By multiplying techniques and materials, it gives birth to hybrid beings with mixed essences, paying homage to the fauna, flora, and their interactions. The harmony omnipresent in Nature inspires her with creations in which light, movement and beauty are entwined, inviting us to wonder.

In Nature, life is organized in a collaborative way between flora and fauna, each meeting the needs of the other in perfect balance; these lives being linked, I mix them in metamorphic sculptures.
All born of a sketch of intention from which I imagine the multiple materials which will be used for its realization. I work the various elements in extruded polystyrene, plastered tape, wire mesh, cardboard, paper (and many others), and merge them thanks to the resins. By a realistic treaty of color, with spray and acrylic paint, the work comes to life. These sculptures tend to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between the animal and its habitat, and to awaken our consciousness of the living.
It is essential to become sentient beings at last.

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Michaël DULLIN

Labo'M DesinVolt was born from my passion for design, sculpture, light and recycling. I do not make lamps or light fixtures, but rather light sculptures composed mainly of an assembly of mechanical parts and tools often intended for destruction.

This obsession with recycling is not only an eco-responsible gesture, but it is above all for me a way of paying homage to objects, which for the most part, are the memory of an endangered industrial past.

Jean-François GAMBINO

Jean François Gambino

Born in Paris in 1966. Initially attracted to music, he studied musicology at the Sorbonne.

It was only much later, in 1997, that he learned and discovered with the sculptor Chantal Adam in Neuilly-sur-Marne, the particular technique of terracotta and patinas made of natural pigments. basis of modeling and his growing enthusiasm for this means of expression, he will change professional orientation in 2003, becoming animal sculptor.

His bestiary originally consisted mainly of African animals but he now carves more and more European animals. He always puts forward a desire for rapid execution of the animals he models. It is this spontaneity of realization that best translates the strength, the vital and often intuitive energy that each animal must generate in order to survive and impose itself.

All his terracotta pieces are unique, but he does not hesitate to reproduce them in bronze according to orders.


Give objects a second life

Catherine et Walter VERVAEKE

Catherine and Walter are naturalist artists passionate about birds and nature in general. Together, they make wooden bird sculptures and mobiles.
They exhibit their achievements for thirty years almost everywhere in Festivals
Catherine painted certain sculptures as well as the mobiles; Walter realizes the sculptures in regional essences: ash, cherry, yew, pear…
All their creations are unique pieces and are designed in their workshop in Côtes d'Armor, in Pontrieux, a small town with character.


I made the decision to leave everything to devote myself fully and happily to what has always animated me: embracing and revealing the beauty of the world. But now by another path, which gives meaning to my life mission: to capture universal beauty, transcribe its light emotions and share them through my paintings

I have always been amazed by the beauty of the world that springs here and now, in all its richness and infinite diversity.

In my daily work, I am very keen to transmit and give life to this energy of life, as a bright and positive message, an invitation to connect with it.

It is no coincidence that I always start my paintings with the gaze, whether they are characters or animals ... The gaze connects us to each other. We can grasp in it the grace, the force, the mystery, ... like so many echoes of what resonates in us.

Astrid de Geuser

Astrid de Geuser is a visual artist, sculptor, painter, and contemplative of the Living. By multiplying techniques and materials, it gives birth to hybrid beings with mixed essences, paying homage to the flora and fauna and their interactions. The harmony omnipresent in Nature inspires her with creations in which light, movement and beauty are entwined, inviting us to wonder.

Originally there is wood, a living material, rich in its roughness, its grain, its history. Arrive the acrylic paint for the background, which I apply in successive washes and always wet in order to obtain a dispersion of the colors. From this action is born the blur, the depth, and the uncertainty of a sky. The atmosphere being installed, I pose the subject in a more or less defined way. At this moment I go into dry technique; the pastel will be able to bring me mists like flashes of lively lines, and the colored pencils will bring precision, nervousness, and movement.
It is a contemplative immersion that I seek in order to bring the other to meet his emotions.


Self-taught amateur painter, my most common medium is acrylic, whether with a brush or a knife. My artistic approach is mainly part of a work of introspection

As for the animal, in my paintings symbolizes the unknown, even poorly known individual. So close to us, so resembling, the animal is invariably inaccessible to us, because we, as deeply anthropomorphic beings, can only hear their communication from our own language. Projecting your own filters on the communication of the other is to cut yourself off from what is deep inside him and to condemn himself to poverty in accompanying this other

L'association TOUT EN SOIE

L’association  « TOUT EN SOIE »

Expose ses créations animalières