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L'association Faune Flore Aquatique de Lorraine

L’association Faune Flore Aquatique de Lorraine <FFAL> a pour but de faire découvrir Le monde aquatique lorrain au travers d’images subaquatiques faites en apnée

                               Elle présente

Un Film et conférence le 19Mars en soirée

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Guy LOUVION, often accompanied by Martine his wife, shares with us his passion, his emotions and the sensations felt during the moments lived in the nature in the presence of the mammals that populate the forests picardes

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Ghislaine et Thierry NICAISE

Vultures of the Pyrenees
For Ghislaine and Thierry Nicaise the photographic activity, in addition to the personal satisfaction that it provides, also has a social name: by highlighting what nature has beautiful, unusual, secret and ephemeral.
Long hours of observation necessary for the approach of all species ensure osmosis with the medium; and it is only on this condition that it is exceptionally possible to have a meeting from which one does not come out unscathed. It is these rare moments of listening and these lessons of life that we feel it is important to share.


Françoise SERRE COLLET is a herpetologist (specialist of reptiles and amphibians), responsible for scientific mediation in herpetology in the Natural Heritage Department of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.
Its goal is to make reptiles and amphibians known to the public. For this, it uses all the existing teaching aids: conferences, books, photographic exhibitions, naturalistic animations, supervision and intervention during internships
Photography is for her, a way to illustrate all the richness and beauty of these animals with scales and bare skin. Its objectives are the protection of species and habitats and the dissemination of knowledge, by twisting the neck of legends and other beliefs related to these animals often unloved.


Rénald Pierre se consacre exclusivement à la sculpture depuis 2010.

Après avoir suivi des formations en taille de pierre, gravure et ornement, il approfondit différentes techniques de sculpture en même temps qu'il prépare une licence d'histoire de l'art. Il trouve son inspiration dans le monde animal et la nature. C'est par le travail de la pierre d'abord, du bronze également, mais aussi de la terre et du bois, qu'il exprime son talent.

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"nature a source of inspiration"
I knead, shape the land of Langeais and the sandstone of Saint Amand. My research of forms, expressions, find their sources in nature.
The goal is to grasp the truth of the lines and become aware of the movement in my sculptures.

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Olivier Claudon is a "chameleon" artist, unclassifiable.
Between diversity and versatility, this Painter Illustrator Artist creates and juggles with tools, media as well as styles and formats. Always concerned about the graphic effect, the emotional and narrative dimension, this "independent" artist who likes to fit like a film director, paints and draws today more and more animal subjects.
"I always put drawing at the heart of my work. Illustrate the movement, the attitude or the detail so as to create, under the line of the pencil or the stroke of brush, stops on image. "

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Maryse LOUIS

Recently, Maryse LOUIS went from Indian ink and pen, watercolor and brush.
  "Through the recent discovery of watercolor, and felines, she tries to capture and express the emotions felt by the animal, and his touching, sometimes moving attitudes: curiosity, alertness, fragility, abandonment, trust, candor, serenity, tenderness, love ...
His wish: to transmit these impressions to the person who looks, to make him happy but also to bring him to participate in the infinite respect of their life, of their survival ".