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Awards 2015

Grand Prix

  une vie de Grand Rhinolophe

Duration: 49 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Tanguy STOECKLE
Produced by: Tanguy STOECKLE

There are at the heart of the Camargue fabulous Great horseshoe bats colony. This species of bat is one of the most expressive. Real clown with the latest biological technologies, the Grand Rhinolophe is as rare as it is mysterious. This film is an invitation to share the life of a young female and her mother for the better and for pire.

Amateur Award

  Colourful lunch strategies

Duration: 11 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Isabella Bollini
Produced by: University of Salford, UK

In the wildflowers meadows of the Italian Alps life is dominated by colours.
For someone colours are an attraction but for others are an important surviving tool.
Bumblebees need to follow flowers? colours to gather the nectar while crab spiders use colours to match the background as a way of camouflage while sitting on flowers waiting for preys to land.

Award of knowledge and discovery of the animal world

  Hummeln - Bienen im Pelz (Secrets of bumblebees)

Duration: 50 min.
Year completed: 2013

A film by: Kurt Mündl
Produced by: Power of Earth Productions TV & Film Produktions GesmbH

This film accompanies a bumblebee queen through her year in order to experience the adventurous life of this "furry relative of the bee".

Hardly another insect is as welcome as this one. However, as popular as the bumblebee is, it remains a mystery to most. We find them just as often above giant fields of snow as in our major cities.
And where bumblebees fly, there are also blossoms. Bumblebees make use of the day and are active for up to 18 hours. Much longer than bees.
However, almost no one knows about their "shady sides", the secret passages of their nests in the ground.Bumblebees penetrate into mountainous areas up to 6,000 metres above sea level, and some of them only live in alpine habitats. Some of them have remained puzzling and mysterious to the present day; their nests have never been filmed.

Award of knowledge of the relationship between man and animal

  Carousel of Life - The Orchard traditionnelle

Duration: 52 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Klaus Scheurich
Produced by: Annette Scheurich, Marco Polo Film AG

Flowering trees, meadows splashed colors and juicy fruit, traditional mixed orchards are a little paradise located in the outskirts of our cities and villages. Here, plants, animals and humans live in harmony mutually dependent. It is a world apart, which turns the seasons. A carousel of life? without beginning or end.
Hundreds of years ago, man has created this unique cultural landscape to allow it to grow fruit in large quantities while using the fields to raise livestock. Over time, these orchards have become a very varied habitat, home to many species of animals, insects and plants. The old fruit trees provide nesting places for almost all species of birds, grass, many flowers and herbs attract insects while underground there is a multitude of field mice? welcome sustenance for foxes and birds of prey. Migratory birds return to traditional mixed orchards every year that the conditions here are ideal for breeding.

With the help of a man traditional mixed orchards can be preserved. The size of the trees at the end of winter and mow the lawn throughout the summer at the fruit harvest in the fall - man creates change throughout the year in the orchards, shaping life of its animal inhabitants as he does. It takes a lot of work to care and cultivate orchards, and the return is cost-effective compared to ordinary orchards, commercial management. Today, traditional mixed orchards are among the endangered habitats in Central Europe.

The film is a spin on the carousel of life that is endless in the orchard. As the seasons change, we experience the interplay of nature, man and animal. Each depends on the other? and observing this miniature world, we gain an impressive view of the principles of life. We support the typical inhabitants of the orchard as nuthatches, field mouse, squirrel or deer throughout the year, to live carefree moments, surprising and moving and watch eternally fascinating dance of life and death. These meetings create awareness that traditional mixed orchards are much more than obsolete agricultural anomaly. As an essential part of European heritage, they are primarily a valuable habitat for our animals, insects and indigenous and fascinating plants. A last vestige of the Garden of Eden.

Special Jury Award

  On a river in Ireland

Duration: 50 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: John MURRAY
Produced by: Crossing the line productions

In the heart of Ireland, Colin Stafford-Johnson canoe down a still wild river, the Shannon, and shows us, through the four seasons, its contrasting sides and its inhabitants, butterflies, pike, bats, swans, squirrels, kingfishers ...

Award for protection of animal species

  Ronce artificielle

Duration: 5 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Jean-Pierre BRUNETTO
Produced by: Jean-Pierre BRUNETTO

Haven of peace, the grove is an integral part of the ecological network of our campaigns. It gives us a picture of serenity that man transforms and sometimes dangerously blurred by its activities.

Audience Award

  Life Force, Costa Rica

Duration: 48 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Hisako ICHINOSE
Produced by: Shinichi Murata

Costa Rica has no less than twelve major ecosystems. They are home to a veritable melting pot animal, resulting from the migration of species from North America and South America there are three million years. From the sea to deep forests include turtles, birds of all sizes and all colors. But also cats or mammals prehensile tail (spider monkey or "spider monkey", a small anteater named tamandua, kinkajou ...). An open-air laboratory of evolution.

Scientific Award

  Regalec, premiers contacts avec le poisson-Roi

Duration: 52 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Bertrand LOYER
Produced by: N/A

The oarfish is the largest bony fish in the world. His extraordinary dimensions, up to 15 meters, and its form of silver ribbon, inspired the myth of the sea serpent. While diving in the Mediterranean Sea, at 2500 meters deep, a scientific expedition reveals the biology of this enigmatic Ambassador the abyss.

Special Award for best picture

  Une passion d’or et de feu

Duration: 6 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Sébastien PINS
Produced by: Sébastien PINS

A beekeeper told us of his concerns about the future of his hive school. A golden passion and fire, which, undoubtedly, is involved in the survival of our environment.

Special Award for Best Screenplay

  Hidden Kingdoms-under open skies

Duration: 50 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Mark BROWNLOW, Simon BELL
Produced by: BBC

Penetrate into the intimacy of a miniature world, just when a shrew-African elephant and a mouse-American grasshopper leave children to become adults. 48 crucial hours that these little beings learn to feed themselves, to ensure their survival, to face their predators and preserve.

Special Award for Best Sound

  Like a butterfly

Duration: 26 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Frank NEVEU
Produced by: La Salamandre Films / Vision Primordiale Films

In the higher alpine cliffs, imagine a rather original bird to live in the rock, as exotic as a hummingbird and the movements reminiscent of a butterfly. For the first time, a documentary is dedicated to just this legendary species: the tichodrome!

Special Award for Best Editing

  Life Story - First steps

Duration: 52 min.
Year completed: 2014

A film by: Tom Hugh-Jones
Produced by: Michael Gunton

In this new series David Attenborough brings us the universal story that unites each of us with every animal on the planet; it's the story of the greatest of all adventures - the journey through life.

For animals there is just one goal in life - to continue their bloodline in the form of offspring; the next best thing to immortality. This series shows how animals attempt to overcome the challenges that face them at each of the six crucial stages of life as they strive towards ultimate success.