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Exposition des photos primées du concours 2017 au festival international photo de MONTIER EN DER

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Dominique GEST

Ordinary nature is beautiful and rich for those who know how to observe it. Wildlife is my job. Photo hunting my passion with always the concern of perfection.
Thanks to the magic of the image I share with you these privileged moments of the animal life.

Centre culturel Irlandais

Le centre culturel irlandais présente L'IRLANDE des Poètes au théâtre et à l'office de tourisme

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Patrice was able to observe and then photograph the geladas, whose behavior moved him a lot. Many hours of observation allowed her to witness exceptional behaviors and scenes of life, such as coalitions of female friendships or the abduction of newborns.
He chose to create intimate portraits, seeking to communicate the expression of the looks and the emotions that fascinated him in these monkeys with complex social interactions.
The choice of the B&W was immediately imposed on him to transcribe as faithfully as possible their sensitivity and their astonishing intelligence.

Veronique QUILLARD

The photos that have been made have totally revealed in B & W! As a matter of course. Like a little extra soul. It was exactly what I wanted to make feel. The mouths full of blood on some images have become daubed not red, but black. Under their black eyes like a bottomless pit. Monsters without faith or law, they have become almost beautiful. Scary, but not ugly anyway.And the title prevailed.

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Sylvain Lécrivain est un plasticien qui explore la matière et le monde dans des installations aux allures de cabinet de curiosité. Dans « experimental society » et son monde animal révolutionnaire, la science se fait tremplin pour l’imaginaire. Au fil des matériaux est apparu depuis peu le livre dont les formes offrent d’autres lectures. Lécrivain en fait sa « bibliodiversité ».


Ce plasticien a développé une technique de sculpture unique qui consiste à créer une structure en fil de fer et à combler les espaces avec du papier à cigarette. Quel que soit le sujet représenté l’effet est toujours empli de poésie

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Françoise BUISSON

Two passions guide my path, my life. The nature I always knew and the painting discovered in 2000.
Watercolor, like nature, is an eternal beginning. Transcribe the moods, the lights, a movement. Life. A great adventure and moments of happiness that I like to share.

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Fabienne DODEY

Painter of the sands
No oil painting, acrylic, ink or watercolor, no sand, no uncolored natural sand ... and a little grain of madness The rich and varied hues of the world's sands whole are wonderfully close to the natural colors of wildlife. Which allows me to use the raw sands, without modifying them. I like the symbolic and poetic idea to gather, on the same work, small grains of sand coming from places so far apart from each other ...

François GRUSON

Self-taught artist who chose the graphite to express himself in his drawings with a profusion of details and contrasts

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Self-taught artist creates an artistic universe or passion for drawing and fascination with the animal world come together with pastel in acrylic the artist strives to present animals in various scenes unveiling not without humorThe animal or at least a reflection of her vision of these creatures

Le groupement philatélique Picard

Le groupement philatélique Picard présente l'exposition timbres nature et ses produits  "spécial festival"

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Radio Club Albertin F5KOU

Présence du Radio Club Albertin F5KOU au Théâtre en liaison avec l'IRLANDE